A female fronted rock band, formed in the winter of 2013 when 4 musicians from the Shire got together with one thing in common ... a love for jamming. Living for the moment, for us it's about keeping it real and raw!



Milly started playing the piano when she was 8 years old. She was offered her first live gig aged 20 singing with Craig Douglas - an English pop singer popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Growing up her musical influences came mostly from her dad. She grew up listening to bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beetles, Beach Boys and Bad Company but she has a very eclectic taste.

Milly's song writing is inspired by everything around her; it's her therapy helping her through all the difficulties life throws her way. One of her favorite quotes is "... I use music to speak when words fail me, even though the written word is as important to me as the air I breathe.." E.C Stine.

Quarter Stone is something very different for her, it's very much out of her comfort zone and this is one reason why she loves it as much as she does. This band is taking her and her voice to new levels and she is loving the ride!




Originally from South Africa, Aimee got into the drums because after having moved away from friends and family she decided that she needed something to keep her busy. Always having loved the drums she booked a lesson and years later she is still going strong, “it's one of the best things I have ever done!”.

Aimee's influences include bands such as Pearl Jam, Seether, Alice and Chains, Audioslave and Nirvana. Quarter Stone is giving Aimee the opportunity to also try vocals, something else she has always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do. Playing drums and singing is a challenge but she is enjoying giving it a go, practice makes perfect after all.


At the age of 16 Sy went to support a friend at a gig and was blown away by the drummer. He decided to give the drums a go and that’s where his love for playing and live performing began.

After being involved in a serious car accident Sy recovered but had to give up the sticks. He is now full of metal and that mixed with the vibrations of hitting the drums were not a good combination. Despite this he had the taste for playing and refused to let the accident stop him, so his picked up the bass guitar instead and hasn't looked back. Sy's love of wild hairstyles is only surpassed by his passion for music.

His influences are Pearl Jam, Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine and Avenge Sevenfold...nice and heavy!




Sime was inspired to take up guitar in his mid teens after hearing bands like the Charlatans and Nirvana. He enjoys a broad variety of artists, from James Brown to The Stone Roses, Metallica to The Sex Pistols. His biggest influence is Hendrix and everything he stood for…the 'jamming' mentality, it's about the freedom of music, capturing the 'moment'. As Sime say's “its only Rock n Roll!”